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  • BiblePlus 1.0

    bible Plus an "outstanding achievement in transferring the King James bible to electronic media." A lightning Fast Search engine powers the system. Easy to use. Create notes about any chapter. Great for quick and easy
  • My Study Bible 2.0

    GNI is proud to announce the release of My study bible 2.0. the newest version of our award winning personal bible study software. study bible 2.0 contains 7 bible translation, complete commentaries, bible study tips
  • BibleReader for Palm OS 3.67 build 138a

    bibleReade for your Palm OS PDA is a free, full-featured bible reading and study application Now you can have all your bibles and bible study reference materials available to you wherever you go. Whether it's a single
  • BibleStudy1 1.2

    Desktop bible study video list generator that creates up-to-date list at runtime of the available bible study videos from the Internet. Optional lists are also available that can be generated, based upon bible study
  • Italian LND Bible 1.0

    Italian LND bible is a must have tool for bible study, which includes hundreds of bibles, Commentaries, References, Dictionaries, Lexicons, Maps, Guides and Books to make your bible study effect, fast and accurate. there
  • DesktopBible 1.0

    Desktop bible is a window based application developed using C#.NET. It is use to display a bible verse randomly during the startup of your system. It is an interactive and visually stunning desktop bible you can use to
  • Bible Buddy by BMS 1.1.1

    bible Buddy contains eight different bibles; commentaries from Matthew Henry and John Wesley, a bible word dictionary, a bible name dictionary, a bible Search feature, and a My Notes feature so the end user can make
  • KingJamesInteractive 1.0

    Program to study the Holy bible, scrutinizing to the depths. Program to study the Holy bible, scrutinizing to the depths,looking for phrases or words you want to answer, to be of help in their spiritual growth and
  • SwordSearcher

    SwordSearcher is such a powerful bible study application featuring numerous resources and unique features which is useful for effective bible study. Includes several commentaries, dictionaries, maps,
  • BibleTime Mini Beta

    A tiny bible study program. A tiny bible study program. bibleTime Mini is a small, simple, easy to use application specially designed to offer you a bible study application. This tool is based of bibleTime and thus
  • Prayers from the Bible 1.1

    Prayers from the bible is a great program for anyone who wants to study the bible in more detail. With this program you can study the prayers of the bible and also have an easy way to memorize your favorite prayers. If
  • Premium Bible Study 12

    study over 30 bible translations in English, Asian and European languages with over 800000 references, links, dictionaries and commentaries from all the major scholars. the system will read the bible to you, remember
  • Bible With You The King James Version 7.23

    the King James Version of the bible has been a standard for millions of Christians for the past several hundred years. bible With You (KJV) is an extremely handy tool for reading this most popular bible translation on
  • Audio Plus Bible Study 14.0

    Audio Plus bible study 14.0 is a free bible Software which is designed for those students of the bible who need the most powerful tools and references. Major Features: free CD: This is the full professional CD, no
  • The Holy Bible 3D PC 1.2

    the Holy bible in 3D for PC, is a program that contains the holy Scriptures of the bible King James Version, and offers the ability to view them in a new way by engaging and interactive and will serve to read the holy
  • TheHolyBible 1.0

    the Holy bible is a free application created in order to help you with your bible study. It comes with an easy-to-use interface. To read the bible, under the 'the Holy bible' label, select a book in the 'Books' drop down
  • BibleMax Bishops Bible 1568 1.0

    bibleMax, a program known for its versatility and usefulness, has included among its free downloadable additional modules, several Bibl versions and Christian texts of great historic interest. One of them is the version
  • Bible Buddy 2.1

    bible Buddy 2.1 is a program showing you how to study the bible with focus on two powerful features - easy navigation and applying bookmarks with comments. bible Buddy includes the full text of the King James Version of
  • Bible Desktop for Linux 1.6

    bible Desktop is a free bible study tool that allows you to dig deeply into God's Word. bibleDesktop will run on almost all computers. bibleDesktop is available for Windows (98SE to Vista), Apple Mac OSX, Linux, BSD,
  • Latin Bible 1.0

    In the year 382, Pope Damasus I commissioned his personal assistant, Jerome, who later became a Saint and Doctor of the Church, to translate the bible from the original Greek and Old Latin texts to Sermo Vulgaris, or
  • The Unbound Bible Tools 0.11

    the Unbound bible Tools is an open source and a free, multilingual bible-reader program for Windows. This is fast and effective way to explore bibles from the Unbound bible project. Powerful search capabilities, yet
  • The Workman`s Study Bible 1.3

    To study bible, a new application is developed named as the Workman's study bible. It is compatible with most Online bible modules. Navigation system is very advance. You will have very friendly search and display user
  • Gospel Stories 1.0

    You can make your bible study accurate and fast by using handy software Gospel Stories that features hundreds of bibles as well as Commentaries, Lexicons, Maps, Guides, References, Dictionaries, and Books. It has user
  • Bible Jig Saw bib282 1

    Jig saw bible puzzle free online jigsaw puzzle of shareware download. bible puzzle. Big free game money pop cap. billions digit easy play puzzle. bible Memory Verse Jigsaw Puzzle Online game for bible memory verse.
  • Bible Jig Saw bib281 1

    Jig saw bible puzzle the bible IS NOT A JIGSAW PUZZLE: A New Approach to the New Testament. by Frank Viola. We have been taught to approach the bible like a jigsaw puzzle. bible Jigsaw Puzzles. bible Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Life Application Bible (NLT) 7.23

    Now you can put in practice all the information that you have learned from Word of God by using inclusive software application Life Application bible. It does not only include resources for study, but also allows you to
  • AV Bible 7.0

    Use it as an electronic concordance for your personal bible study. Or take it to the mission field and publish bibles on your printer. AV bible facilitates the search & study of God's Word. This release has
  • Bible Jig Saw bib280 1

    Jig saw bible puzzle bible Jigsaw Puzzle. Online bible games and puzzles. Puzzle bible Use the mouse to move the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle in place. Parables Of the bible Jigsaw Puzzle at Uncle's Games. This is a
  • SwordSearcher Bible Software 6.2.2

    - Improve your bible study efficiency. - bible search instantly. Finding bible verses couldn't be easier. - the Verse Guide quickly locates all reference material for a verse or passage. Finding bible topics couldn't be
  • Bible Analyzer

    bible Analyzer is a bible analysis program developed to aid Believers in their study and defense of the Holy bible. the advantage of this software is that it contains a number of features not found in other bible